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Kathleen Elle is an award-winning singer-songwriter whose soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics have captivated audiences worldwide. Born and raised in New Jersey, Kathleen discovered her passion for music at a young age, writing her own music and performing outside ice cream shops. With a natural talent for storytelling, she found solace in crafting pop melodies and strong lyrics that resonated with her own experiences and emotions.

Press & Reviews

Album art for Magic song

Kathleen Elle Weaves Alchemy and Romanticism in her Latest Soul-Pop Single, "Magic"

Magic contains enough panoramic emotion and sonic panache to make it fitting in a Blockbuster feature soundtrack. Yet, Elle’s indie roots still pull through in the Grammy-worthy production. Her ability to pour romanticism back into the world, rivals her talents in lyrically cutting close to the bone. 

-A&R Factory

Album art for Nervous

Kathleen Elle Debuts Single, ‘Nervous’

The single gives me some ’90s Mariah meets a HelloGoodbye Vibe. I particularly love the high harmonies in the last chorus of this track. But what I like most is the amalgamation of Kathleen’s indy soul and new pop genres combined. This shows not only Kathleen’s writing talent, but her evolution as an artist. The production on this track is absolutely stellar.

Album Art for Nervous

Energetic Modern Pop Jam for Your Weekend

Everything about this track feels right. The lead vocal is really good, the production is balanced, and the overall style feels appropriate and approachable. The danceable beat is perfect for bopping around your apartment on one of those sunny but chilly spring mornings. Is that a hairbrush you're singing into pretending it's a microphone?!  Dance like no one's watching! This is a fun one.

-Ear to the Ground

Album Art for Brainwaves

Kathleen Elle “Brainwaves” Feature Interview

This multi-talented up and coming artist truly represents a fresh new sound. Her mastery of both the guitar and piano along with her unique rhythms and breaks will hold your interest song after song.

I have had the pleasure of hearing her play at several different venues and without fail she grabs the attention of the entire audience. I have little doubt that once you listen to this fresh sound you will agree when I say that she will be around for a long time and embraced by the music world.


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