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About me

"Don't think too hard, just listen to your heart."


This lyric from Kathleen Elle's "Brainwaves" reflects the guiding principle of her music career.

Kathleen Elle, a singer-songwriter and pop musician, discovered her musical talent early in life while playing the guitar and singing near local ice-cream shops. At just 14 years old, she began crafting her own songs, drawing inspiration from stories, memories, relationships, and personal experiences.

Her career took off with the release of her 6-track EP "Helium," which included the impactful anti-bullying song "Don't Let Them In," touching hearts worldwide. In 2019, she unveiled her first full-length album, "Brainwaves," a compilation of tales exploring the emotions tied to relationships, encompassing joy, sadness, anger, regret, envy, and laughter.

In 2021, Kathleen transitioned to a new electronic pop era with her single "Nervous," amassing nearly 2 million streams across various platforms. Her passion for performing has been a consistent driving force, delighting audiences in live gigs and live-streaming on platforms like Twitch, where she's cultivated a following of almost 10,000 fans.

Kathleen's upcoming release, the second full-length album titled "Memory Lane," represents a significant evolution of her musical prowess. This album, set to launch later this year, boasts a diverse array of pop, folk, and R&B tracks, making it Kathleen's personal favorite work to date.

“She's really grown tremendously as an artist. She's enthusiastic, talented, and kind, and she ‘gets it’ about how hard you have to work to make it. My primary music business background is in royalties and business management, but if I was in A&R I would have signed her last year. ”

Chris Opperman

Award-Winning Composer and Pianist

“Kathleen plays the perfect mix of relaxing and fun music. I am so impressed by her ability to play literally anything on the spot. All my friends were putting in requests and she knew pretty much everything. By the end of the night every single person was up singing and dancing and asking where the heck we found this girl because she's amazing! If you are thinking about booking Kathleen for any kind of event DO IT!”


Brick, NJ

Bike on a street
Young Kathleen singing into a microphone as a kid
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